UX Research

Understand all the nuance of each user journey and improve conversions and customer satisfaction. Our methods are co-created by psychologists.

Quantitative Research

Through our thoughtful surveys and other quantitative data we gain a data driven view of potential and existing customers needs and preferences. This generates knowledge quickly and allows for scaleable actions.

Qualitative Research

We define the Target Audience and segment them intelligently. Then we conduct qualitative interviews with existing and/or future customers. This uncovers deeper insights of requirements that are otherwise invisible.

Usability Testing

By testing prototypes and live products in depth, we can find potential concerns around usability and ease of interaction. The aim is to ensure the product works smoothly for all types of users on various devices with all manner of complex settings.

The Results

We define what people do currently to achieve their goal and then When, Why and How they want to use a new solution. What’s the tangible output? Updated frameworks to action on, which include personas, user journeys and product requests. These are the foundations of ongoing strategy, design and technical briefs which impact your metrics and customer satisfaction. They can also inform marketing endeavours.