Allen’s Camera

Transforming a brick and mortar store’s ecommerce presence for the modern web

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Allen’s Camera

Allen’s Camera is a long-standing brick and mortar store based in Philadelphia since 1977, with a great reputation and a loyal customer base. We built an ecommerce site that reflected the quality of their in-person shop experience. We took their simple online store with negligible revenue and expanded it to compete nationally while maintaining their brand integrity and top drawer customer service and made it a multi million dollar revenue stream.


Screenshot of old website
  • Outdated appearance
  • Confusing layout
  • Poor use of colour


Screenshot of new website
  • Modern UI design
  • Simple to understand visual hierarchy
  • Brand consistent colour palette

Running a brick and mortar store has not been easy in recent years, making having a strong digital presence essential to their survival. In the case of camera stores, the market is largely dominated by a few key players, making it difficult for smaller businesses to get by.

Screenshot of website


Allen’s is not a faceless corporation. We wanted the team to be front and centre, celebrating their expertise and letting the customer know they’re in safe hands.

Photo of the team
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Customer research was key to this project. We spoke to a number of existing local customers, as well as potential national and international customers to understand why they visit the stores they do – and, crucially, how Allen’s could make the most of their main advantage: the personal touch.

Fully featured ecommerce

To keep customers coming back it had to be just as easy to find products on Allen’s Camera as it is at any larger store. We built in major custom search and filtering tools not usually seen on a site this size.

Screenshot of website category page

What we did

Product cards

01 Strategy

We did a deep dive competitor analysis and an in-depth comparison of ecommerce platforms and in-store POS, to put together the right stack for Allen’s.

02 Research

We did a deep dive competitor analysis and an in-depth comparison of ecommerce platforms and in-store POS, to put together the right stack for Allen’s.

Logo identity

03 UX design

The entire site was fleshed out through Wireframing and refined through static prototyping, with particular focus on simple product discovery.

04 Branding

Allen’s had a classic brand that we wanted to maintain. We extended the brand with a simple palette and matching styles.


05 UI design

The UI was built around the brand to give its retro styling a modern lift, while maintaining its character. Throughout the site we created space and clear organisation to give the products room to breathe.

06 Development

We developed the site on BigCommerce, and provided a custom CMS. The site overall is low maintenence, enabling Allen’s team able to run operations independently.

Your company rules, it is a testament to your skills as a leader. I don't know if it is unique to my industry but I often feel dazed from days filled with chasing vendors to hold up their end of our partnership. Your company has been a breath of fresh air since day one.

Brandon, Allen’s Camera

The Big Picture

We love working with small to medium-sized businesses to bring their digital presence in line with modern expectations. Brandon and the team at Allen’s were clearly passionate and genuinely driven to provide the best possible service. We are thrilled to have helped them extend their great reputation to the digital age.


Online Revenue


Avg Order Value


Total Carts

The Bottom Line

Allen’s has performed extremely well over the last two years since the project was completed, with their annual turnover increasing tenfold. We gave them a top class digital store that will allow them to continue expanding and competing with the big players for years to come.

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