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RNT Fitness

Creating a platform for transformative fitness education and community building

  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • UI + UX Design
Composition of web and mobile screenshots

RNT provides health and fitness programmes that create lasting transformational change for their clients. We worked with them to develop a web platform and mobile apps that turn their established and highly regarded personal coaching methods into a scalable training powerhouse and community hub.

RNT believes that the power of physical fitness is not purely aesthetic, but a base for mental wellbeing and success. Like them, we do not believe in quick fixes, but the power of research, relationships and long-term thinking. It was the perfect match.

RNT Pro Dashboard

While adapting a sophisticated and meticulous coaching method for the digital space, we didn’t want to lose the ‘personal’ aspect of the training RNT provides. At the same time, it was important to scale the business through digital transformation. Using well-established methods for positive habit building, we created a highly personalised and interpersonal experience.

User profiles

User Profiles

We identified that RNT’s users were typically goal-oriented, high-powered people making huge changes in their life.

Among more granular details, during our initial research stage we found two main sub-groups of users:

  1. Achievers — Looking to overhaul their approach to their body, to maximise their potential

  2. Seekers — New to fitness training and looking for a structured approach to managing their health and fitness

This informed our approach to both the marketing site and the overall product, where we aimed to ensure all users were catered for.

RNT Cohort
  • Accountability
  • Time bound video courses
  • Testing and application of knowledge
  • Self accountability checklists
  • Embedded nutrition plans
  • Self tracking and visualisation
  • Goal setting
  • Educational videos
  • Full social community platform
  • Small cohort group support

Education platform

The primary focus for this product was to create a robust education platform, drawing on the client’s knowledge and experience, as well as our own research and expertise in psychology. The result; we created a digital product designed to facilitate positive habit forming.

RNT Pro iOS app

Marketing site

The marketing site is a fundamental entry point for RNT, as well as a source of free content. It was important to create a consistent experience between this and the web app. We fully redeveloped the previous site, focusing on scalable information architecture and clear routes to becoming a member.

RNT Fitness homepage

What we did


01 Strategy

This was a full digital transformation for RNT, moving away from one-to-one coaching to a completely digital education model. Our strategy had to maintain the high level of quality expected from the brand.

02 Research

We ran numerous interview sessions and conducted workshops with users, business management and RNT coaches to inform our design approach.

RNT Logo layout

03 UX Design

Working through various user jouneys and site architectures we arrived at an easy to navigate, modular design system for both the marketing site and web app that were fleshed out through wireframing and prototyping.

04 Applying the brand

We ensured the brand was consistently applied through all aspects of the product, from copy to components.

Work-in-progress designs

05 UI Design

The final look and feel needed to be that of a comfortable place for learning. There are a huge number of features and complex data within the app, and it was important to give everything space.

06 Development

We worked in agile development cycles, hitting all our deadlines to release Phase 1 of the app. Our relationship with RNT is ongoing as we add features, respond to feedback, and develop the iOS and Android apps.

We needed a partner that was “in house but not in house” and All Shapes was a perfect fit for that.

Akash, RNT Fitness
RNT Fitness marketing site

The Big Picture

We created a unique and revolutionary tool for fitness self-education. The timing of the project meant it felt the impact of COVID-19. This informed our strategy, leading us to develop what we believe is the perfect product for a post-pandemic world. Beyond providing a great solution for RNT, we learnt a lot about education platforms and creating the best possible experience for deep, meaningful and connected remote learning.

The Bottom Line

RNT’s new platform allows them to share their unique approach to fitness and wellbeing with exponentially more people. They have completely pivoted their business as a result of this app — creating huge value for their users and a scalable digital business model that we are proud to have helped them build.

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