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Developing a new brand, app and online ecosystem for a thriving company

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Food as medicine

We leapt at the opportunity to work with Rupy and The Doctor’s Kitchen. Their mission to use food to improve people’s health is clearly having a huge impact on so many lives, while their research-driven approach resonated with us. We knew instantly we would get on well. The app and website we’ve built together form the foundations of an ecosystem that will allow the business to scale, and let these ideas flourish in new and exciting ways.

The app is my go-to place for food inspiration. The recipes are easy to follow and I haven’t had anything I don’t like. I really like the way you can alter the quantities easily rather than having to estimate. And I know that everything I make is good for me. What’s not to like?!

Customer Review, App Store

iOS App

“A personalised recipe hub that’s a pleasure to navigate — more than 200 recipes at launch, with a bespoke feed factoring in your preferences, dietary requirements and allergens. Many other features are planned for future releases, including meal planning and frictionless ingredient ordering.

Feedback so far from users and Apple has been overwhelmingly positive, with reviews calling it ‘The best recipe app ever’ and ‘Definitely a game changer’. The Doctor’s Kitchen App has also featured multiple times in the Apps Tab and as App of the Day, as well as in a full product article.”


Brand guidelines

Building a new brand from the ground up gave us the opportunity to make sure this identity would scale with the company’s ambitions. The result is a thorough and comprehensive brand toolkit. The brand is fresh, modern, and adaptable — and forms the backbone of all The Doctor’s Kitchen’s visual output.


Marketing site

The marketing site underwent a complete redesign and restructure in line with the new brand. The Doctor’s Kitchen has a broad range of output, from TV programmes to recipe books and podcasts. Our aim was to provide a robust, easily navigable home for the whole ecosystem, while also promoting and directing users to the new iOS app.



A beautiful site and app is one thing, but having an easy to use content management system is another. Our custom solution gives The Doctor’s Kitchen a straightforward way to manage everything in one place, with a robust system built on Netlify and CloudCannon.

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What we did

Two screenshots of recipe detail screen

01 Strategy

We held a series of workshops and deep dives with Rupy to understand his goals and ambitions. This helped us to start building a plan.

02 Research

We ran research sessions with users to understand what they were looking for in the product and ecosystem, as well as conducting a market analysis to understand the competition and where The Doctor’s Kitchen sits in the landscape.

Three screenshots of recipe instructions screen

03 UX Design

Our research informed an information architecture and wireframing phase, where the key aim was to establish logical user journeys, from landing on the website to explore free content, to downloading and personalising the app.

04 Branding

The branding work established a fresh new identity, and provided detailed treatments for use across all channels.

Screenshots of category screen

05 UI Design

Working on top of the wireframes and refining the overall look and feel, we made sure the brand shone through in every moment of interaction.

06 Development

We deployed the app and website over the course of six months using an agile development approach, before finalising and launching our MVP. We also established a long-term development plan.

App of the Day

The Big Picture

“We believe in using software for the social good, and in helping people to live better lives. In The Doctor’s Kitchen we are proud to have found a partner doing exactly that.

How we approach our food is an increasingly important issue – from both a health and environmental perspective – and we love that Rupy’s recipes encourage healthy eating, the use of locally-sourced seasonal ingredients and the reduction of food waste. Rupy is a passionate, self-starting entrepreneur, and with our help he could take his business to the next level, competing on a global scale.”


App Store rating




Health Goals

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